Wednesday, May 28, 2008

an ode to a burger.

relish by wildrocket
cluny court

i have been wanting to try this
gourmet burger joint since forever
so i decided to take j. there
to sample the famous burgers

i was positively starving when this baby came
hmmm from this angle it kinda looks like a zinger
and that looks like a kfc chicken patty
i shall not insult a 19 dollar burger anymore
because this seafood burger was packed with
prawns, octopus and stuff which i can't remember
then lemon mayo was put over it
the rest of this dish was nothing to crow about
the fried were of a reasonable standard
but on the whole i found it to be rather small
oh well
i thought that it was a novel place
with pretty decent and creative food
though a little pricey

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