Monday, May 12, 2008

my stong stony.

finally back from a week of fun and excitement
went to gunong stong from mon to fri
its a 1400m mountain in kelantan
thats north malaysia btw
officially my first time outfield since leaving army
i must say that i really didnt feel like
going thru the horrors of the jungles again
but oh well
thanks for coming up with so much food
so i wouldnt need to feel cold and hungry
i hate the cold
so i have to eat a lot in the cold to keep warm
otherwise i'll start to shiver
so im glad we cooked so many nice meals
officially my best outfield in terms of food
ah well
i honestly miss stong
and yes i do think about it and feel about it
but i shall look forward
i hate the post trip blues and nostalgia
dammit im such a sucker for the past its amazing
oh well... moving on, moving on

picture taken from caryn's facebook, i took that pic, so technically its mine too? =)

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