Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sunday, November 23, 2008

dad just came back from israel
im super jealous
cuz they invited me and i said i didnt wanna go
cuz need to prepare for exams
but looking at his photos
(of course i did a bit of editing)
i really could've come back with like a thousand pictures
but of course if i did
i'd spend the next few days sorting
and probably flunk my exams
and plus
i wouldn't get to spend time with my rabbit
i really need to get down to studying
it seems that during exams
my blog activity will increase
probably cuz its the easiest thing i can access
to change something in this world
to say my piece
to scream from the studying
i really cant wait for this to be over
i do wanna maximize the time i have left

Monday, November 17, 2008

its really been too long since i had my last post
and i guess my blog seems to be stagnating just a little bit

but oh well
its come to the end of a term again
and exam time
its always during exams that
i always get so reminiscent of the term that passed

this term was
it represented a step which i have taken
which was not in my past nature to
i guess in a sense
its a commitment not just to the organisation
but also to myself
to do the best i can
in all areas
to not think about slacking
to work hard in the areas i choose to go into
to have purpose and direction

i am just grateful to everyone for being
so wonderful this term
i really hope that we could build on success
and go on to become
that which we have envisioned to ourselves

and to you
my sweetest
without you i dont think
that i could've found the courage
to take steps
to grow in ways i've never considered
i can say that you've really come in
and changed my life
for the better
thank you so much for
supporting me endlessly
for always reaching out to me