Thursday, July 17, 2008

had an amazing day out with you today
although it was something pretty weird
it was still cool and really fun
im just glad to get to take you out
and spend quality time together
this was a shot taken from the new camera
its my baby..
with her companion.
(its a device btw.)

Monday, July 14, 2008

smux camp logo.

my work for logos for SMUX Camp
on top was the one rejected by mr woody
and below is the new
and revised
and totally revamped
and toned down
cut off
and complete
new logo for SMUX Camp 08.

Operation: SMUXeLand , SMUX Camp 08

havent had much time to blog lately
been caught up with ever so many things
it looks like it will be a busy week before i leave
i just really hope we can fill up the spaces for smux camp
its been quite a bummer year for everyone
ah well
i shall stop blaming external factors
i honestly think we couldve done a million and one things better
oh well
two days to get this up and running
lets do this.

thin crust pizzas
prego brunch buffet
raffles city

went for prego's brunch buffet with mom yest
the spread and the food was very very decent as usual
you have your HUGE line of antipastis
and your carving station, pasta station
pizzas, soup station, dessert spread
and free flow of juice thats squeezed in front of u
all for fifty one bucks per pax
i always hit the beef carpaccios
and add my own extra arugula
from the caesar section
which has the whole bunch of fresh veggies
from your buttercup to your romaine lettuce
everything is cool and crunchy
so its damn good to eat
i always tend to overeat whenever i find myself there
i didnt eat dinner afterwards
but its strange how prego on sundays
turns into some family outing restaurant
so you have all sorts of kids running around
well after all children between 2 - 12 pay only 18 bucks
and they have a super cute section with play area and cushions
with a tv and lots of gourmet finger food
sometimes im tempted to take food from there
i havent had the chance to sit down at lunch for really long
so it was very very pleasant.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

and so it begins..

today was just supposed to be the collection of tables and chairs
but it turns out we had to start preparing
for the matric booth much much earlier
so today we managed to finish up most of the main foundation decor work
now its on to the details and the rest of the setup process
its going to be exciting
been working hard on this small lil project
i hope it all comes together nicely
this year seems much bigger than the previous year
every club and society is really pulling out all the stops to make this event look good
very aptly
another race is also starting
the 95th tour de france
so in our own little way
we're climbing up our own little alp' de huez's
and decending our own mount ventoux's
but it'll be one hell of a ride.