Friday, September 26, 2008

bounce bounce*
right now my baby is sick
and sleeping
so this is for you,
when you wake up tomorrow morning.
get well soon my dear.
happy fourth!

Monday, September 22, 2008

if there was a single thing
that i took away from last night
it would be precisely this
the comments and sharing we had
all pointed back to this one big intangible
the family spirit.
something which we should never forget
no matter how far we wanna take this
i just really hope that one year from now
we can all look back and say yes
ive contributed to the family
i've kept the family together
yes we're bound to have our ups and downs
but family is about the long run
that in the end
far away
whether we would still care for each other.
as friends
as brothers and sisters.
yes yes, cheesy i know..
there are so many issues
i just wish we could all be patient with the process
and grow from there.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

thnks for the mmrs.

its been a long while since summer
and we've finally come to the end of our
biggest show of the year for the biking team
the pressure to deliver has been immense
and everyone has been looking at this event
and working really hard to make it work
that is not to say that we didnt have our fair share
of screw ups
of disagreements
of tension
of nail biting
but ultimately i really hope we can walk away from this
knowing that on our end
no matter how screwed it sometimes looked
but in the end, how was it like from a participant's pov
i just really hope that they enjoyed themselves
i'm just really glad that most of them were really really sporting
so yeah
just glad that i had this experience with everyone.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


the effects of nightbike preparations going on in my room
my whole floor is full of plastic wrappers
that were from gl recce
nightbike is this weekend
i really hope we all pull through
and give it our all
its been a long accumulation process
i dont wanna get it over and done with
i want it to be done with patience and to savour every moment
and give it my all for the whole of 24 hours.

Friday, September 5, 2008

tommorrow there will be light.

bursting rays of light
tomorrow i will be picking up my flash
i really hope to improve with a better flash
than the built in one
i realised that even with decent lighting
its quite hard to take shots with high shutter speed
without sufficient light
so i got someone to sell me
a second hand 420ex
so i can play around with flash functions for a while
before i sell it off for better stuff
can't wait.
this coming week is going to be quite busy
im having a much better year than last
i feel generally more prepared
and slightly more hardworking
no small part because of my wonderful classmates
who are my inspiration
and really kick me when i feel lazy
thanks, you.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

speed issues.

i miss riding
its really been a while since i took the bike out
or went for a ride
actually, more specifically,
its been a long time since i took the roadie out
plus i need to get a speedo for my bike
after my last one had some cable issues
i was wondering if i should get cadence back again
or if i should even get one at all
i felt the speedometer while useful
was a limiting factor
we're used to traveling at different speeds
so when we cross our own personal boundary
we find it weird and self control starts to set in
but if you just go all out
there's nothing to worry about
you just worry bout holding the person's wheel
keeping tight
and just exploding when the time is right
which is the essence of riding
so should i just screw the speedometer?
the new white strada cateye is very tempting
plus they have a new 2.4ghz wireless model
wonder how much that will cost
im guessing around 200 bucks
oh well, maybe the strada will do
no more ugly wires around the frame.