Monday, March 31, 2008

wonderland shopping list.

my current wish list

1. Zipp 404 Tubular Wheelset
the wheelset that i can only lust for, with its glorious dimples and cx-ray spokes.these babies are legal performance enhancers

2. Canon Powershot G9
as i venture deeper, i find myself to be limited by my sucky 299 dollar camera. which goes out to any photo enthusiast, if u want something good, spend more money, dont buy some bargain 299dollar camera with crappy features, i rather pay twice the price and more for one good cam than have the two subpar ones i have now. I was doing some reading, and found that the manual features for this baby are pretty close to your low end slr, but the price is like 400bucks cheaper. while i would love the flexibility of an slr and its high shutter speeds, i also would like something i can carry around without a huge ass bag and not look like some amateur reporter, after all, all i take are mostly still shots, so i cant justify an slr, plus lenses.

3. Jack Purcell V-4s
four straps, high cut, black, just what i need for a staple sneaker. although i love the look of this, im really tempted by some of the more comfy and relaxed textile ones.

4. Manhattan Portage NY Bike Messenger
i need a new bag, my bag is falling apart and i have no replacement for it, i've decided i want something functional. which lately, that means huge storage capacity. I need to put in, my macmonster, my cable & acc bag, my charger, my mouse, my diary, my water bottle, my umbrella, my pencil case and if i have to gym that day, my shoes, my change of clothes, my towel, my toiletries. omg. thats like my whole house inside already. needless to say, i need something at least 1800 cubic inches and larger.

saigon here i come!

move your eyeballs apart.

this is the area outside my room
and thats me in the right of the mirror
i was bored so i decided to play around with panoramas
i cant wait to use this feature out in the field

Sunday, March 30, 2008

im thankful you're here.
im fucking disappointed with my result today
it was an absolutely crap ride
i think i've been doing too much recreational cycling
my standard is no where now....
fucked up benedict..
you better buck up
now you better study
then during summer you better be owning on the bike
otherwise you're pretty fucked up

Saturday, March 29, 2008

crows and bald burgers.

watched this movie today
theatre was super empty
i guess not many people would pay money to see this
haha thank goodness it was free
but that being said

it was a seriously cool movie
the fight scenes were awesome
while the makeup was pretty fake at many points
i find the whole jap poseur thing super hilarious
they just look at you and dont blink
take a pull of their cigarette
and stare again
it doesnt get funnier than that
but manga silliness aside
i think this show stood for many more things
it was about friendship and trust
they have a word called "nakama"
and it means close friend, but the meaning
is deeper than even a sense of brotherhood
so most of the time, it is used on its own
because its meaning is irreplaceable
the cute guy's name is called shun oguri

hahaha and of course you know that i find this guy
to be so much more entertaining

here's another super act cool scene
with both of them

it was pretty fun gawking at the giraffes
just the kind of chill out thing before work

when i got back, me and dad went to botak jones
to eat
and omfg
we had damn alot of stuff to eat
im still full and bursting at my seams

these were the sauces they provided there
not bad
colman mustard!!
its really rare to find horseradish
in a heartland shop

i had the cajun chicken

dad had the triple stacked patty burger
with extra
sauteed onions

after which we decided to share an apple pie

we did however come to the conclusion that
their slogan
damn good food, damn good prices
is a whole load of bullshit
dinner tonight
while being huge
also cost us 37quid
plus, it was so heavy and oily that i feel
my heart clogging up already
the amount of msg they used was also rather significant
im still thirsty right now
and no amount of water seems to satisfy my thirst
the quality of the meat is also highly questionable
the fries didnt have that hot feeling
they felt like they were left out in the open for a while
you would think that with the high turnover rate
the quality of food will be better
because it decreases the exposure time of the food
overall, while the images look good
i really think his prices are pretty rip off
the chicken set i ordered cost 13 bucks
and dad's burger cost 14
so even with all the frills like good cutlery
good sauces
the profit margin is still extremely high
but their labour cost is considerably high as well
they had about 3 cooks
1 order controller
2 washers/helpers
2 servers
If you think about it,
miss clarity's cafe offers roughly the same prices
and the food is much more professionally done and prepared
plus their rental costs and overheads are much more considering their location
when i reached botak jones,
there were at least 10 people in the queue
and this continued for the next hour or so
it was a good chance to finally sample
the taste of hype
and i must say
it was highly overrated.

look fast, go fast.

world track championship
men's team pursuit
wr: great britain
led by captain bradley wiggins
look at their aerobars
its not particularly the most aerodynamic position
they are all spread really wide and perched really high
so i guess power output in track outweighed the aero advantages in this case

tomorrow is itt
think fast, look fast, go fast.
rock and roll.

Friday, March 28, 2008

someone was really pissed off
now now, throwing your $15,000 scott addict
with cosmic carbone ultimates
with full sram red group
won't solve any problems
i wish i could fling all my work and projects and EVERYTHING away
dont want your bicycle can throw at me ok!
just hurl that baby over!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

ban mian
qiu lian ban mian @ bishan

anyone who has been around the bishan area long enough
knows that the best ban mian is to be had at the s11 beside j8
you will never fail to see scores of pap members sitting there after school
i have never eaten better noodles
every single time i try to eat ban mian at other places
i tell myself
give it a chance
but other places can't seem to match up to the noodle texture of this one
maybe she just knows how to do it more al dente
but the soup's another draw
other places seem to have this watered down excuse for a soup
but here its thick and the egg isnt cooked for too long that its solid
the yolk breaks all around the soup and mixes with it
increasing the thickness and flavour
i haven't found ban mian more to my liking than here
not that im bias and havent tried
if u dont believe, come here and eat it
its comfort food.

wheel dilemma II.

xero xr200
$300 plus

gold anodized colour

25mm rim
3.5mm spokes 20/20
high flange
better bling factor

soul S 3.0

black coloured

690+890= 1580grams
30mm rim
3.2mm spokes 20/24
more aerodynamic

Monday, March 24, 2008

darling leave a light on for me.

Date: 29th March 2008
Time: 2000H - 2100H
Action: Turn off the Lights
(or more if you want)

you ask smu students to turn off the lights for one hour
they will throw their books at you

the 09 orca.

its looks almost exactly the same as

the 08 one

in fact i would say this is a step backward
the frame shape and everything remains almost exactly the same
the sweeping top tube lines used to be accentuated by the contrast glossy paintwork in the 08 model
now its just one clean white line on the edge
and the bike only comes in a matt raw carbon finish
at least to me
a raw carbon finish when carbon was new in the market would've impressed me
however, most taiwan frames come in the same kind of raw carbon finish
so i think it devalues the bike in a sense
if you look at the other major bike brands like trek/giant/pinarello
all have their own distinctive styling and colour scheme
orca is squandering their aggressive 08 orca/ordu legacy of aggressive styling
and giving us some sub par "minimalism"
i just dont buy that
going raw is the easy way out.
but you must give concessions that there have been some new features
magnesium seatclamp
(this will probably corrode in spore)
integrated headtube badge cum cable guide
(this one's cool but gimmicky)
and replaceable dropouts
(oh come on... like this wasn't done so long ago)
so even if they have nifty new stuff
i think it was more for lack of a better idea.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

beef brisket sounds like a cross between cows and lego.

beef brisket hor fun
my old fav ipoh horfun stall in holland v

after a long day out hitting the books
and churning (well sorta) out my bee gees report
im sorta not really "stayin alive"
as they would sing
on to a simple dinner which mr arthur wong introduced to me about 4 years back
strangely its gone over a major makeover
and while business at 9pm didn't seem very brisk
i was truly surprised with some aspects

1. its no longer self service!
2. they have nice printed paper menus
3. the prices are the same!

which makes you wonder with all the new overheads
how the hell are they surviving
when me and y. were sitting there the laobanniang came up to us
she was like promoting her special "happy (one-half) hour" specials
mon-fri 9pm-1030pm Ipoh Hor Fun $3 instead of $4
haha we were wondering whether it was cuz there was no business
but sunday night shops are usually empty
the true test is a weekday night or a saturday
the attrition rate at holland village is very high but some have really held it out
shops like essential brews and fosters i expected to die long ago
eskibar is closing
one more down
ah well
my hor fun stall has lasted so long
i would hate to see it go
its still pretty decent.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

lonestar lester over the hill.

went to tampines trail yesterday
took plenty of videos and photos
its been so long since i went off road riding
had so much fun trying out the new stuff at tampines
they installed obstacles over where the water used to pool
so its been really great to tackle the new stuff
everyone did really well!
i was really impressed with the level of gung-ho-ness
everyone, including the girls showed
everyone fell and scraped themselves
but they just kept on going and going!
haha kudos to everyone who went
must do it again sometime soon
made me remember why i built edna.

Friday, March 21, 2008

thank you so much guys for all the birthday wishes
who arranged for this?
it must've been really tough to get everyone to put their pen to this
so thanks a lot to everyone who sent me good wishes
to be honest
this is the most number of people celebrating my birthday
i never really thought much about my birthday one
but this i guess made this year's really different
so yesh
thank you speech over
thanks guys!

old mcdonald had a farm
miss clarity cafe

this was a carnivore's treat
it was like

and to top it off i had warm choc cake

ford gt.

the first thing i saw when i went to school in the morning
it was raining
so i couldn't believe my eyes
it came straight out of need for speed: most wanted
i was one of the few who heard the engine

Thursday, March 20, 2008

i was looking for naruto
when i found this cool ass cycling anime
the entire show is like cycling
but somehow the background story came in very strong
like i was so happy when he managed to get that closure
to shout back
at everything, to finally show that he could make it
i love it when people who have something to prove prove it.

my worried post of the day.

i am in my bgs project research meeting
my last project to finish before exams
i was in econs class today
and i really dont want to squander the chance to get macroecons right
but i really didnt understand anything
ah well
i need to put the spinning soundtrack together also
no i shall not panic
i shall be emotionless and cool
i will ride tomorrow no matter what
pray for good weather
i really want to take katrina out!
i want to see how my knee holds out as well
i think i need to go see a doctor?
but we'll see....

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

wheel dilemma.

should i get these for their light weight?
$500- 1317g
i compromise on aerodynamics
but i get ultra fast acceleration and climbing capabilities

or a set of these,
$1600 - 1390g
about same weight, aerodynamic, tubular
perfect for those duathlons and time trials that are coming up

both are just about the best value for performance you can get out of a wheel
but im asking myself
for the upcoming events that i wanna participate in,
why am i using a low pofile wheelset?
its absolutely ridiculous.
but at the same time
the carbon tubulars are like 1k more
can't decide

11 days
left to prep for ITT
just like my work
even cycling seems to be backlogged

rolf carbon tt wheels.

just look at this wicked spoke count
i wonder how this rim will stay true
but from my experience with rolf
they know what they're doing
but i havent seen this in any protour races this year
maybe its just not stiff enough


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

and it goes on and on my friend... some people started singing it not knowing what it was.... and they'll continue singing forever just because....

the dashboard countdown says 34 days to summer.

that means less than a month to exams, that super crazy period where its sorta make or break for me.

i think i should study more, but i really have problems focusing...
i can do anything else except the thing in front of me.
i concentrate best on distractions.
what the fuck.
this doesnt even make sense anymore.

lets take stock...
1. Stats: fucking die... dunno anything... help!@!!
2. Econs: Thank god its mcq and onli on macro so i still have a chance to salvage
3. AS: after tonight's essay i need to revise on all the bloody forms and fallacies and whatnot
4. BGS: fucking project like not even started, then still got presentation. is there a bgs exam??
5. Biz law: another excellent mugging subject, i need to create power notes...
6. CT: at least one thing down.

meanwhile, the AS essay that never ends is still haunting me....

katrina is well again. but im not...

i took katrina down to bike boutique today
had her fixed up
headset had some issues....
darn it... it cost me my ride on saturday
they managed to fix it by mixing and matching some headset parts
so now she's butter smooth
and i guess the sure fire way to improve bike feel is to service ur headset
or at least invest in a smooth one
cuz you really feel a difference in the steering quality and all that
immediately i felt more confident in the turns
i was riding faster cuz i had more confidence in the handling
i was going out of the saddle and boy did it feel great.

which brings me to my next point that my knee feels really screwed
i just wana rest
im really sleepy i dunno why
good night.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

the lovely comm was so nice to buy me doughnuts for my birthday
thank you guys
love you all!

thanks to mr brown
for supporting improvements in public transportation

happy birthday to me.

had lunch at equinox with
mom, aunt and deone
haha really havent eaten buffet in damn long
totally stuffed myself
and with the lack of sleep
i went home for a totally sinful nap
i prefer to have it quiet and simple
thank you for having it small this year

"the streets" of faber.

spotted this strange sight on the top of mount faber
must be some strange psychotic woman
could be drunk lah thats why like that
anyway, cam whorin on faber at night sure is fun

and btw, step up was pretty good
there was some really hot dancing
and plenty of shameless video editing
it was the only way they could get the final sequence to look so good
i loved this one scene where there was this heartbeat thing
and she was like pumpin her chest up to him
fucking hawt
i mean i dont think they were technically better
but they sure had better post production!
haha couldn't say the same for the story though
like coming of age teen rebellion?
gimme a break

this is the real crew

Friday, March 14, 2008

sleep deprived and euphorically insane and excited/dead

i just finished my bgs individual assignment...
fucking deadlines ah...
im super duper hungry right now...
so im trying to keep myself awake by blogging...
if i sleep now i'll just die...
after ippt still must do work
then tomorrow's another long day
movie at night
then come home crash
train sat morning
YAY! i get to play with katrina!
and then birthday dinner with the folks at night
then sun must work my fucking ASS OFF

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


is here.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


i have picked a name for my new bike.
here's why

1. She's white, so in greek the meaning of katrina (from catherine) is pure.

2. catherine, is also referenced to a torture device.
Very apt, considering that the time spent on your bike can be some of your most painful experiences.

3. hurricane, go baby go.

Monday, March 10, 2008

me at the 24 hour ride.
it was fun,
but damn painful.
but it felt good to be riding and helping kids for it.

Sunday, March 9, 2008


cancellara won this one day classic.
since when did time trialists win one day classics?
i think this is a beautiful race,
look at the course,
its road, sandy, raw.
the dust of the peloton.
i guess a lot of the inspiration and colour combis came from this brand

which i love very much
and i wish would be brought into singapore
i don't think i'll be able to afford their prices though...
new meaning to the term luxury sportswear.