Saturday, March 29, 2008

crows and bald burgers.

watched this movie today
theatre was super empty
i guess not many people would pay money to see this
haha thank goodness it was free
but that being said

it was a seriously cool movie
the fight scenes were awesome
while the makeup was pretty fake at many points
i find the whole jap poseur thing super hilarious
they just look at you and dont blink
take a pull of their cigarette
and stare again
it doesnt get funnier than that
but manga silliness aside
i think this show stood for many more things
it was about friendship and trust
they have a word called "nakama"
and it means close friend, but the meaning
is deeper than even a sense of brotherhood
so most of the time, it is used on its own
because its meaning is irreplaceable
the cute guy's name is called shun oguri

hahaha and of course you know that i find this guy
to be so much more entertaining

here's another super act cool scene
with both of them

it was pretty fun gawking at the giraffes
just the kind of chill out thing before work

when i got back, me and dad went to botak jones
to eat
and omfg
we had damn alot of stuff to eat
im still full and bursting at my seams

these were the sauces they provided there
not bad
colman mustard!!
its really rare to find horseradish
in a heartland shop

i had the cajun chicken

dad had the triple stacked patty burger
with extra
sauteed onions

after which we decided to share an apple pie

we did however come to the conclusion that
their slogan
damn good food, damn good prices
is a whole load of bullshit
dinner tonight
while being huge
also cost us 37quid
plus, it was so heavy and oily that i feel
my heart clogging up already
the amount of msg they used was also rather significant
im still thirsty right now
and no amount of water seems to satisfy my thirst
the quality of the meat is also highly questionable
the fries didnt have that hot feeling
they felt like they were left out in the open for a while
you would think that with the high turnover rate
the quality of food will be better
because it decreases the exposure time of the food
overall, while the images look good
i really think his prices are pretty rip off
the chicken set i ordered cost 13 bucks
and dad's burger cost 14
so even with all the frills like good cutlery
good sauces
the profit margin is still extremely high
but their labour cost is considerably high as well
they had about 3 cooks
1 order controller
2 washers/helpers
2 servers
If you think about it,
miss clarity's cafe offers roughly the same prices
and the food is much more professionally done and prepared
plus their rental costs and overheads are much more considering their location
when i reached botak jones,
there were at least 10 people in the queue
and this continued for the next hour or so
it was a good chance to finally sample
the taste of hype
and i must say
it was highly overrated.

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