Monday, March 31, 2008

wonderland shopping list.

my current wish list

1. Zipp 404 Tubular Wheelset
the wheelset that i can only lust for, with its glorious dimples and cx-ray spokes.these babies are legal performance enhancers

2. Canon Powershot G9
as i venture deeper, i find myself to be limited by my sucky 299 dollar camera. which goes out to any photo enthusiast, if u want something good, spend more money, dont buy some bargain 299dollar camera with crappy features, i rather pay twice the price and more for one good cam than have the two subpar ones i have now. I was doing some reading, and found that the manual features for this baby are pretty close to your low end slr, but the price is like 400bucks cheaper. while i would love the flexibility of an slr and its high shutter speeds, i also would like something i can carry around without a huge ass bag and not look like some amateur reporter, after all, all i take are mostly still shots, so i cant justify an slr, plus lenses.

3. Jack Purcell V-4s
four straps, high cut, black, just what i need for a staple sneaker. although i love the look of this, im really tempted by some of the more comfy and relaxed textile ones.

4. Manhattan Portage NY Bike Messenger
i need a new bag, my bag is falling apart and i have no replacement for it, i've decided i want something functional. which lately, that means huge storage capacity. I need to put in, my macmonster, my cable & acc bag, my charger, my mouse, my diary, my water bottle, my umbrella, my pencil case and if i have to gym that day, my shoes, my change of clothes, my towel, my toiletries. omg. thats like my whole house inside already. needless to say, i need something at least 1800 cubic inches and larger.

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