Thursday, March 20, 2008

my worried post of the day.

i am in my bgs project research meeting
my last project to finish before exams
i was in econs class today
and i really dont want to squander the chance to get macroecons right
but i really didnt understand anything
ah well
i need to put the spinning soundtrack together also
no i shall not panic
i shall be emotionless and cool
i will ride tomorrow no matter what
pray for good weather
i really want to take katrina out!
i want to see how my knee holds out as well
i think i need to go see a doctor?
but we'll see....

1 comment:

kissbytherain said...

hey babe dont fret. and anyways theres always me for econs, esp macro econs (: save my brain from degenerating man.. honestly we need to sit down and hang out. SOON.