Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sunday, December 14, 2008

mount kinabalu.

Friday, December 5, 2008

went to visit haji lane with the beautiful
had our little pre trekking ritual
and i bought my boots

pictures here

Monday, December 1, 2008

a very tyco shot of the gf
the bus was passing her just at the right time
to produce this cool moment
of her staring at shooting stars.

first day of post exam.

spent a long quiet day at home
ok not really quiet
i got to do plenty of the things i've neglected
like finally fix up the clothing stands for mom
fix the new hook brackets on the room windows
so the windows dont have to open the whole way
and after that mom brought me out for dinner
ate at this jap buffet place
quite cheap 15 bucks only

but the food a bit crappy
the photos do it too much justice

but who cares
we went to central to walk a bit
we stopped to see this new candy shop
its got rolled candy where you can see cool shapes from the side

the owner apparently brought in the franchise
from australia just recently
he claims they're the only handmade candy shop in singapore
dunno if thats true though

funny enough
he asked me if i was a blogger
cuz i kept taking shots of the place
so he sorta asked if i could blog bout his place
so here u go mr candyman
the wonders of free advertising and testimonials
i tried the goods
they're quite unique
and you should check out the way they make em
its like those kind of novelty handmade concepts
where u have to see the process then u'll think its cool

then we went to see this cool jap shop
that sells all the jap candies and snacks
and household stuff
so that was cool
i saw like grape flavoured kit-kat

then i went to meet the best friend to pick up wheels
they're gonna go onto the gf's bike
gonna set them up tom before ft probably
its ft dine in tom
and im contemplating bringing my camera
all that matters is attendance
its going to be at charcoal, the shatec reataurant
simple enough
last thing for this sem