Sunday, March 23, 2008

beef brisket sounds like a cross between cows and lego.

beef brisket hor fun
my old fav ipoh horfun stall in holland v

after a long day out hitting the books
and churning (well sorta) out my bee gees report
im sorta not really "stayin alive"
as they would sing
on to a simple dinner which mr arthur wong introduced to me about 4 years back
strangely its gone over a major makeover
and while business at 9pm didn't seem very brisk
i was truly surprised with some aspects

1. its no longer self service!
2. they have nice printed paper menus
3. the prices are the same!

which makes you wonder with all the new overheads
how the hell are they surviving
when me and y. were sitting there the laobanniang came up to us
she was like promoting her special "happy (one-half) hour" specials
mon-fri 9pm-1030pm Ipoh Hor Fun $3 instead of $4
haha we were wondering whether it was cuz there was no business
but sunday night shops are usually empty
the true test is a weekday night or a saturday
the attrition rate at holland village is very high but some have really held it out
shops like essential brews and fosters i expected to die long ago
eskibar is closing
one more down
ah well
my hor fun stall has lasted so long
i would hate to see it go
its still pretty decent.

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