Tuesday, March 25, 2008

ban mian
qiu lian ban mian @ bishan

anyone who has been around the bishan area long enough
knows that the best ban mian is to be had at the s11 beside j8
you will never fail to see scores of pap members sitting there after school
i have never eaten better noodles
every single time i try to eat ban mian at other places
i tell myself
give it a chance
but other places can't seem to match up to the noodle texture of this one
maybe she just knows how to do it more al dente
but the soup's another draw
other places seem to have this watered down excuse for a soup
but here its thick and the egg isnt cooked for too long that its solid
the yolk breaks all around the soup and mixes with it
increasing the thickness and flavour
i haven't found ban mian more to my liking than here
not that im bias and havent tried
if u dont believe, come here and eat it
its comfort food.

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