Thursday, May 1, 2008

the best friend.
Victor's Kitchen
Sunshine Plaza 01-21

after much deliberation
we decided to try out the place that
chubby hubby had posted on his blog

Victor's King Prawn Dumpling
the most common thing wrong
about har gau
is that the prawns are overcooked
and a sign of an even decent
dim sum place
is that the prawns in the har gau
must have a crunchy texture
while i seemed to doubt the freshness for a while
it does pass the first test

Yu Tiao Cheong Fun
this is your normal chee cheong fun
with a twist of you tiao inside
lately i seem to have been sampling food
with you tiao as the trump card
its that little extra thing to make something more enjoyable
i was pretty concerned that the youtiao might
have its normal chewy texture
but this one was fried crispy
which set it off nicely with the
smooth skin of the cheong fun

Tasty Queen Size Siew Mai
while it says king and queen size everything here
do not be deceived
these guys are tiny
lucky they were pretty decent
otherwise i wouldve had something to say
but the food here is slightly above your normal
standards of dim sum
but i think i've eaten much better dim sum
and that this place
was kinda just hyped up by chubby hubby

Double-Boiled Fresh Milk
w/ Fresh Ginger Juice
this one on the other hand was light and fluffy
and pretty full of ginger taste
but ive tasted better at liang seah

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