Thursday, May 29, 2008

just trust me to go to fullerton for dinner
and forget to bring my camera
so i apologise for the crappy resolution
and the grainy handphone pics
i wanna like
strangle myself
here goes...

cream of celeriac
with roasted scallop and apple puree
fullerton hotel straits room
(so i have no idea where the food's from)

this is the picture above
its a soup, a creamy one
like duh
its my first time having celeriac
btw, i had no idea wth celeriac was until today
but it was pretty good
so good i didnt even know what i was eating for a while
i was thinking like it was celery
but it sure didnt taste like celery
but they had a whole roasted scallop in the middle
so u pick at it while u drink the soup
i had absolutely no idea where the apple puree comes in

tuna carpaccio with pan-fried foie gras

this is another way of saying
lets take sashimi grade tuna
slice it real thin
(serve less of it)
and call it carpaccio
but they sure didnt stinge on the liver
this baby was just right
firm yet crispy outside
creamy inside
ultra sinful
but the clean fresh taste of the tuna
made the lemak taste of the foie gras more palatable

chicken supreme
stuffed with mozzarella and basil
with broccoli mash
garden vegetables
and champagne beurre blanc

dont ask me
i have no idea what the champagne thingy is
did i memorise this?
i kopped one of the menus
anyway, for interests sake and generally useless knowledge
this is what a beurre blanc is
the beauty of gourmet cooking
is to stun everyone with this cheem language
then make it taste like something normal and nice
like cream sauce
which was what it tasted like
its almost the same
but then purists would crucify me
its creamy
its chicken with cheese
just call it a chicken cordon bleu
like everyone else
like whats with the "supreme" anyway
you wanna make it sound like fast food
yet blow me away with the complexity of beurre blanc
tell me you see the disconnect here

amaretto chocolate cake
with pistachio sauce

this was the ultimate in sinful
not too sweet
and super rich with cocoa flavour
but i couldnt feel the amaretto at all
thats not saying that it wasnt nice
while i may complain
it doesnt mean that im ungrateful
or that i a huge fuss pot
i loved tonight's dinner
which caught me totally unawares
which was why i didnt bother with the camera
which brings me to my final lesson of the day
be prepared.

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