Monday, May 19, 2008

just got back from my desaru training camp
with the ride from the heart crew
we stayed at this lovely place called sebana resort
it was like this whole sentosa cove concept thing
except that this place was built in 1998
so you can see in the panorama here
this is the bloody beautiful harbour/dock
for the various ships from various lands to dock in
the five star trailer park of the high seas
lovely lovely views
the weather in desaru was insane though
but apparently so was the weather back home
it reminded me of the cloudless skies in thailand
where the sunshine blazed straight thru
assailing us with his rays
peeling off my shoulders
and withering our bodies and spirits
after two days of intense weather conditioning
i hope everyone manages their recovery well
and no one falls ill from the strain
training tom morning 5am

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