Wednesday, May 21, 2008

liege waffles
The Sweet Stone Parad'Ice
2nd Level
Golden Mile Food Centre

hawker centre belgian waffles
as blogged about by many others
and myself, having gone there only today
because, i didn't realise the army market
was actually golden mile food centre
how smart could i be
and all this while i've been gettin some of my fav stuff
like the beef noodles
and the goreng pisang
but i've never tried these funky places like
the pasta or these waffles
i have no idea why they call themselves
the sweet stone paradise
if this is just another name rip off
from cold stone creamery,
then its a really really bad one
because at least the others have the cold stone
ice cream mixing novelty thingy
but this is a hawker centre waffle store
with scoops of "gelato"
which was just normal ice cream to me
and btw, that set there was 6 bucks
what a freaking rip off
the waffles werent crispy or anything
its just waffle mix, ice cream and choc sauce
bloody hell
anyone could come up with that
a fancy ripped off name
and attempts to make it sound belgian
are not going to help if the food is crappy
the cheapo styrofoam plates didn't help
don't waste your time.

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