Sunday, April 13, 2008

seen at bikeasia08. (sram gxp1)

this is another thing which is not on the manufacturers website
i believe right now it's only stocked on oem bikes
the sram gxp 1

which is currently stock on this cannondale
the north american version of the rize 4

which interestingly is very different from the
european version

which uses more shimano parts and mavic rims
the eu version also uses avid diskbrakes
in favour of the states's hayes ones

so after digressing,
the point was that the sram gxp1 crank
is the same crank as the truvativ stylo 3.3 team
which is not surprising, but i think
the new look of the gxp1 is more geared towards
the "red" range that sram has launched for the road groups
with its gunmetal anodized chainrings and wet black finish
most alloys will go for the wet black finish these days
as it looks very much like a carbon clearcoat

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