Sunday, April 6, 2008

cycling in the large scheme of things.

these are the cycling initiatives proposed in the latest copy of the
Land Transport Masterplan.

1. Better Bike Parking facilities at MRT Stations and Bus Interchanges (2009)
2. Allow foldable bikes on trains/buses on a trial basis (March 2008)
3. Implement safety signs along commonly used cycling routes such
as Thomson and West Coast (March 2008)

look, while i admit its a step forward,
singapore is not a cold country like amsterdam
you cycle for like ten minutes here you're going to be sweating pools
the problem lies not only with the lack of parking facilities
but the lack of practicality of cycling altogether
as much as i hate to say this
i wouldnt cycle to school
it is not nearly enough for you to allow people to take the bike up buses
when the person reaches his destination
he's going to have to find a place to park
a place to wash up
so its not just about parking facilities
So, what are results of the Tampines pavement trial?
are we allowed to cycle on pavements?
is the government going to follow the bogota example?
park connectors are a limited part of the road network
they dont allow access to most places
the lta people definitely have a problem with cyclists
they cant implement a system where cyclists would flood the road
otherwise it would be inefficient to close one lane for cyclists
but now they're stuck with a problem that needs too much money to fix
what now?
I really dont need so much
just make sure the penalty for making contact with a cyclist on the road is high
its not to punish
but to make people aware

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