Wednesday, April 16, 2008

seen at bikeasia08. (cannondale six13 6)

Cannondale Six13 6
in Lightning White
full shimano tiagra groupset
which is like second from the bottom in terms of groupsets
i was really surprised that this groupset which is normally paired
with lower end bikes
was put on the six13
which is a very very high level composite frame
i just thought this was a one off just to display the frame
as a full bike for the show
but lo and behold
i went to cannondale's website
and there it was
the Six13 6
full tiagra
right at the bottom of the tier
reduced in hierarchy
by the SystemSix and the SuperSix
to an "entry level" model
thats damn sad
it was only in the year 2006
that it was the most elite model from cannondale
absolutely ridiculous
but i guess this sudden rate of technology transfer
was due to cannondale jumping on the carbon bandwagon late
so due to consumer pressures they had to quickly
downgrade all of their aluminum models
which is very sad
because prior to the carbon revolution
cannondale was known for making some
of the lightest aluminum frames

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