Thursday, April 10, 2008

bean curd tart
le cafe confectionery & pastry
264 Middle Road S188990

these little tarts are unique pretty much to this shop
they keep em in the fridge as they can get pretty soft
but if kept properly
they will most probably be the smoothest "egg" tarts you have ever eaten
but what really stands out to me is the pastry
its not to sweet and really gets that right amount of saltiness in
also what i like is that right balance of pastry and filling
which is usually never done right
most of the time there's too much pastry
but this one's just right
the centre is like silken tofu custard
as you can see from my photo, the light is literally glistening off its smooth surface
light, not overwhelmingly sweet
it so light that i bought the box of eight that it comes in
all for me myself and i
selfish right?
too good to share.

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