Tuesday, April 15, 2008

seen at bikeasia08. (high end polygons)

these are all of polygon's high end offerings
all in full carbon fibre frames
with the highest end components
a couple of years back, polygon gave me the impression
of being this really crappy market bike
and being the elitist shit that i am
always used it as an adjective for a market bike
needless to say my opinions have 180ed
and well, you really couldnt
(even if u tried)
to call these beauties
market bikes.

the helios spirit, the highest end tt bike
full campy record
mavic cosmic carbones
vision carbon integrated tt bar
8700 sg yuan
i've been wanting to take a look at this in their shops
but i never did get to see one
saw it since last year

the helios 780
with full campy record
mavic ksyrium es in this display
although the website shows it with sl's
full ritchey wcs carbon components
4900 sg yuan

the 780 again, in full dura ace

this baby is the cozmic rx3.0
full carbon hardtail
sid fork
full xtr
ritchey wcs
mavic slr wheels

i believe that other than the tt bike
the others offer really good value for money
although please dont quote me on the pricing
its just what i saw on the labels at the show
i highly doubt the campy version of the helios 780
is the same price as the dura ace
which is what the tags there seemed to indicate

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