Sunday, April 13, 2008

seen at bikeasia08. (brembo carbon disks)

the very very pimp
brembo carbon disk brake rotors
used by the best in the moto gp

this is not exactly bicycle related
but i was just musing that since the disk brake for bicycles
was taken from motorcycle technology
will we see carbon rotors soon?
or even ceramic composite rotors soon?
i believe the possibility is not far off
it might even happen by next year
considering the rapid technological advances that have happened
over the last few years alone
so dont be too surprised or skeptical

i can already imagine the xtr cnc'd on the caliper


Anonymous said...

don't think we'll see carbon discs on bikes anytime soon... carbon discs only become effective at a certain temperature about 300 degrees i think... so unless you drag your brakes around the whole day, sadly these won't make the jump to bikes...

ben. said...

wow ok thats interesting. thanks for the info... haha didnt know that