Wednesday, September 3, 2008

speed issues.

i miss riding
its really been a while since i took the bike out
or went for a ride
actually, more specifically,
its been a long time since i took the roadie out
plus i need to get a speedo for my bike
after my last one had some cable issues
i was wondering if i should get cadence back again
or if i should even get one at all
i felt the speedometer while useful
was a limiting factor
we're used to traveling at different speeds
so when we cross our own personal boundary
we find it weird and self control starts to set in
but if you just go all out
there's nothing to worry about
you just worry bout holding the person's wheel
keeping tight
and just exploding when the time is right
which is the essence of riding
so should i just screw the speedometer?
the new white strada cateye is very tempting
plus they have a new 2.4ghz wireless model
wonder how much that will cost
im guessing around 200 bucks
oh well, maybe the strada will do
no more ugly wires around the frame.

1 comment:

zao said...

chio chio shoes! haha!