Monday, August 25, 2008

uvibe ivibe everybodyvibe.

oh joy,
smu challenge is offering the
(ie. ur very own vibrator)
the fucking sex toy invented by osim
just read their ad
i dont think its just me
curved handle
multiple speed
"high speed vibration gives that extra oomph"
flexible rubber head
the girl innocently prancing around in her undergarments

its full to the brim with innuendo

for a low low price
every single promiscuous
sex crazed smu student
can find some sort of relief
because school doesnt afford you the time or the energy
or the libido.


zao said...

it is strategically shaped like one too! but if i m a girl...wont bother getting one of OSIM's 'yet another crappy product'

Sexy said...

I think this is a great product. It fits all the good spots. Its one of the best sex toys